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About us

Ard Canaan Restaurant is a fine Dining restaurant located in Doha – Katara. The name of the restaurant represents all countries in the Levant “Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and parts of Sinai”.

The beginning has dominated the nature of love and perseverance to retrieve the past in a modern way where the spirit from the old heritage houses where our families lived in the land of Canaan.

The restaurant hold many stories between its corners, starting from the main gate where is the huge limestone reception desk embodies the rock found in the Holy City of Jerusalem, the ceiling reflects the tiny detailed decoration mirrored from Al Aqsa Mosque. With paying attention to all details and coloring of the original ceiling. The flooring patterns and materials were exactly like those from Nabuls, Yafa, Hebron, Jerusalem, Amman, Salt and Damascus.

The ally will lead you to a genuine shop corner called “Dukkan” which means the sore or the shop, in this most of the well-known goods and items from Palestine & Jordan you can buy from shelves and enjoy the ultimate taste of Olive, Olive oil, Thyme “Zaatar”, Sage “Maramiyyeh”, Freekeh and much more traditional items.

The entrance of the dining hall and the main dining hall itself full of details tell the story of the how really was the old houses of Palestinian looked like.

All columns inside the dining hall were crafted to reflect the Corinthian orders in Jerusalem, the fountain is the exact copy of that in the Al Aqsa Yardand it called: “El-Kas Fountain”, our guests will be more comfortable on the exclusively designed and fabricated furniture tables, chairs and couches.

Our well-trained captains and waiters will be more than happy to serve our beloved guests by introducing them to ACR menu which was made of the old olive tree wood, ACR signature items will be presented and displayed in a unique and distinguished way.

We are at ACR ensure a complete and comprehensive experience in all aspects, with love and passion we serve our guests.